Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baler Summer Getaway Part 1

It's been a couple of months since my last entry. There's nothing much to tell.
Home. Work. Home. Work. Drink. Home. Work. Home.
Same old routine. Until my friends invited me to join them in a summer getaway adventure in Baler, Aurora.
I wouldn't let this opportunity pass. :p

It is located some 230 kilometers northeast of Manila via a mountain pass accessible by bus and private vehicle. Baler is the provincial capital of Aurora with an estimated population of 35,000.

What the hell, I'm not here to talk about the geographical/economical/statistical whatsoever of the place. hehehehe.. :P

So, the adventure begins....

Me and the troops (my friends) departed Manila at around 11:30PM. We had to make a quick (is it quick?) stopover at SM North to pick up Austin's troops.

The trip going to Baler was great. Our driver drove so fast that Ninay fell onto her seat while sleeping.. Ahahahaha... :p

Here are some pictures on our stopover at Cabanatuan.....
(Some of the pictures were taken by my troops...)
Austin, Nina and MJ

Austin and Troops
Gelo, Irman, Jeff and Marvin

MJ, Nina, Gelo, Irman, Jeff and Marvin

Mei, MJ, Nina, Gelo, Irman, Jeff and Marvin
So much for the stopover. We stayed at Cabanatuan for about 30minutes to wait for the convoy. From Cabanatuan to Baler, it took us another 1-2hour roadtrip.

We arrived at Sabang Beach approxiomately 530hours.We were informed that we can check in at our rooms at around 1200hours. Damn.....

Since we have no room to take a quick rest, we just explore the surroundings....

Ladies in silhouette

Ok, after shooting on some nice views.. it's time to change outfit. :p

Irman, Gelo, Mei, Nina, Jeff and Marvin
Nina and Irman



Gelo and Jeff


Nina and Gelo playing with sand...

Nina building mountain
Ok. Learning on how to surf begins.....


Alright, enough the training. Do the stuff!!!!