Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cellphone...... Liability or Asset

Mobile phones.. A very common tool used for communications. However, it only brings us expense due to the bills that we pay monthly for using the service (or pre-paid credits). But, you can turn that expense into an asset.

What can you do with your Php4,000?

Purchase shoes?

Purchase a mobile phone?

Purcahse a music player?

There is no problem purchasing on what you want. The only thing is that, it is an EXPENSE. And everytime you purchase something, the value of the item depreciates every second.

But, have you thought of using your Php4,000 to start up your business? Yes, you can do that with V-Mobile.

How much is the membership?

You can sell the retailer cards @ Php250/each. Your already breakeven with your Php4,000 and earned Php1,000.

It also has a wide variety of pre-paid products to sell.

1-2% Reward or Override on the Monthly Sales of your group.

You will receive Php500 if you refer someone to be a Technopreneur.

You will receive another Php500 for the Franchise Royalty Bonus. This is possible if your Team A and Team B paired up.

For Additional information, you may contact MJ at 0922-2848665. LET'S TALK.

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