Monday, February 7, 2011

My Happy Moments

Hi guys. This is my first time to attempt if I can do blogging.

Some of my friends recommend this to me as a way of releasing my stress. And, it's not a bad idea after all.
Here, I can write anything I want.

To start things up, my first blog is about my happy moments.

One of my Happy moments is when I am with my team (Team Kilo). All of us have different characters and charisma, making our bonding more solid and intact.
The Formal Team
Kilo's new found hobby..... Singing (while having party)

These ladies always get mad at me every time I hurt myself... :p
 All of them have influenced me to shift into the "Light Side", since I am always on the "Dark Side".

Another thing that makes me happy are my toys.
I started collecting them when I start working. I didn't have the resources back then when I was still a student...

Here are some of my collections...
Dragon Head

One of the few sword collections that I have

Terminator: Salvation






Lord of Darkness

I always love traveling. I want to explore the places that I haven't been through. So every time we have some outings, I always bring my camera.. :p

This is the first time that I am on the sea. My friends know that I have phobia on waters because I don't know how to swim.. :p

One of our stop overs on the way to Puerto Galera. :D

So damn afraid before I go to the waters. :p

Scandal on Puerto Galera. :D

On the way to do snorkeling, we had a photo shoot and this shot really captures my attention. So damn good on modeling...  :)

Thinking if I will join the others on snorkeling.. (scared) :p
This is the first of the many happy thoughts of MJ... :)