Monday, February 7, 2011

2nd Happy Thoughts= LaserMaxx

February 4, a day after my birthday.
As promised, I went to the office around 8AM to pick up my teammates for our bonding/celebration.

When I arrived at the office grounds, I saw them leaving the premises to have breakfast. I didn't join them because it was still early and I already ate my food.

While the group is having their breakfast, Agat texted me to have LaserMaxx on Greenhills because it is near the office than going to Quezon Ave. We then all agreed to have fun on Greenhills.

At first, we were roaming around looking for LaserMaxx arena, but we can't find it. Then we asked Manong Guard where is the Arena. How ironic, it is the entrance infront of us where we asked the guard. hahahaha.

Then we go in.
It is more like of a Counter-Strike while going to the Arena. You need to climb stairs that is not wide and enter a door on the rooftop.

Finally, we reach our destination. All of us are excited to play the game for the first time, except George. :p
It cost us Php170/round. One round lasted for 15minutes. It took us a while to think because its kinda expensive for a 15minute game. The group agreed to have 2 rounds of run-n-gun bonding.
 The attendant says that the 2nd round will only be for Php150. So we went into the briefing room for the rules and regulation.

We divide ourselves into 2 groups by counting 1, 2.

Groups are
Team Viper= George, Patty, Airon, Mike and Bebe
Team Slayer= MJ, Agat, Tin, Jay and James

The vest is kinda cool. It's more of a Kevlar vest style. It has two sensors on the chest, another two on each side of the abs and one on the back. But for me, I didn't enjoy the gun. You need to hold it with two hands like a shotgun. I am more experienced on handgun stance than of a shotgun. If you don't hold it that way, it won't fire up.

Team Viper

Meet the mastermind: Patty!! :p

After two rounds of run-n-gun

One of Team Slayer's member hiding

The arrival of Ef

Team Viper

Team Slayer
We quote the groups via Slayer and Viper because those two are the top scorers of the game.

At first, I'm not in the mood because it is only good for 15 minutes. But, when the fight begins, it feels like it is almost an hour for every round. Every one has enjoyed the game. At the end of the day, both teams ended up in a draw.

It is one way to have workout while having fun.

Next time, let's try airsoft... :)

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