Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Funny Moments at work

Hello there guys.

One of the things that I love about my work is that it's all about fun.. fun.. fun!!!!

All of us likes to laugh even if we are bombarded by work loads. :p

Here are some of our candid shots from our office... :p

Agat as "STITCH"

Ef bullying Agat

One of our Team Meetings that went crazy... hahahahaha

"Protection Money"

Agat and Yuki

One heck of a Giant Pizza!!!

Having pictures with "Charice" :p

"Drama Scene"

Hammy in Action

Hammy as Aerobics instructor... :p

Hammy's new line of work.... Phone Lineman!! :D

Larry scaring us

Mapanuri with Agat

I'm about to scare Tin... hahahaha

Last day at IBM Bldg.

Elevator Shot
The ladies went wacky!!! :p

The Boss

I was so happy to become part of Team Kilo's roster. I was able to express my other side, being cool, funny and wacky. :p


  1. hahaha.. akalain mong naisingit pa ung japan-japan kong pic! :P sipag mag blog! :D

  2. :D at may shots pa from the old ibm building