Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hi guys...

There is one online contest for creating new Superhero character for The Stan Lee Foundation.

One of the entries that caught my attention is "HYP3RM4N".

His power is through computer technology and internet.

You can click on the link below to vote for this character.


Let us support him on his crusade against evil by voting him.. :D


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Funny Moments at work

Hello there guys.

One of the things that I love about my work is that it's all about fun.. fun.. fun!!!!

All of us likes to laugh even if we are bombarded by work loads. :p

Here are some of our candid shots from our office... :p

Agat as "STITCH"

Ef bullying Agat

One of our Team Meetings that went crazy... hahahahaha

"Protection Money"

Agat and Yuki

One heck of a Giant Pizza!!!

Having pictures with "Charice" :p

"Drama Scene"

Hammy in Action

Hammy as Aerobics instructor... :p

Hammy's new line of work.... Phone Lineman!! :D

Larry scaring us

Mapanuri with Agat

I'm about to scare Tin... hahahaha

Last day at IBM Bldg.

Elevator Shot
The ladies went wacky!!! :p

The Boss

I was so happy to become part of Team Kilo's roster. I was able to express my other side, being cool, funny and wacky. :p

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Puerto Galera

December 5.. The day that I won't forget. :)

This is the first outing for me as part of Team Kilo Roster.

At first, I was hesitant to join since it is quite far and I do have phobia on open waters.

But, I really wanted to have fun and bonding with them, so I did join in the end.

I was so excited on the day of our departure. So many laughter, jokes, and crazy conversations.

I was not that excited when were on the way because it is not my first time to be there. But, I don't want to be a party-wrecker so I went crazy with all of them.. hahahahaha

Here are some shots from my camera and from my friends...

The scene is so relaxing....

Team Kilo arrives....

Everyone is so excited

Welcome Fatima MACPAPINLAC!!!! :p

Agat and Patty.. :D

Roadside accident while were on Star Tollway, Batangas... tsk tsk tsk

We just boarded the Ferry.. :p

Hiding inside the closet

Agat's moment.. :p

Taking a rest after a long travel....

Boys showing off their foot... hahahahahaha


Willand and the "Deadly" Sinigang... hahahahaha

Bebe helping me on doing barbeque..

Chef MJ.. :p

Patty and Silas having massage on seashore.

Airon having Henna Tattoo..

Jaya and his tribal design

Khristine's "Butterfly"

So damn wasted... :p

"The Proud"

"Starry Starry Night"

After a long, fun and tiring night, everyone was asleep except me, Bebe, Agat, Silas and Airon. Around 4-5AM, I started cooking our breakfast. The rest of the gusy helped me prepare the food. Everyone of us was having fun when an Italian guy disturbed us. He was looking for his key to his cottage and he asked one of us to gave back his key. At first, I don't care about him. I am so busy preparing our breakfast.
 Then the Italian shouted saying "I DON'T CARE!! GIVE ME MY KEY!!" That's when I stepped in. If there is no lady back then on that time, I will not stepped in, but there is one... So, I dropped my knife and shouted back on him.At first, the guy tried to retaliate back by shouting louder. But, he is no match to me.. hahahahaha. He thought that I'll be scared because I'm smaller than him. He is wrong.. so damn wrong! So, he walked away but came back and apologize. I didn't replied back to him because I am so angry that I might throw the knife to him. hahahaha. We all thought that he is already gone, but no.. he came back. This time, he is asking if we do have condoms. I do have on my bag, but after what he did, no way I'll give it to him. But then, why would I give it, when I can sell it!!! hahahahaha. But, I didn't do that. :p

So after having an arguement with that F-ing Italian., it's time to eat!!! ITADAKIMASU!!! :D

Myk fell asleep.... after he woke up.. hahahaha

Jay, Agat and Bebe relaxing after the "Italian" incident

George and his "moment"

While we're having breakfast, rain pours down so hard. All of us we're disappointed because we're planning to do snorkeling. But, after 20-30minutes the rain stops and of to the beach for snorkeling. We rode a ferry to take us to the snorkeling spot, but it cost us Php2,000. We thought that we can ride one ferry, but those "manongs" told us that it is only good up to 8 persons. So, the damage is Php4,000. But, when we arrive at the spot, we still need to ride a small boat that will circle us around on the spot. Damn... All they want is money!!!! We had no choice but to rode the boat at Php200/person....

Before boarding the Ferry

Vitto and Noraine (not sure if the spelling is right, sorry dude.. :p)

"Manong" taking a glimpse for the photo.. :p

All is excited for snorkeling.. (except me.., scared)

Silas posing on the bamboo frame.. :D

At last, I conquered my fear of waters.. (with the help of life vest) :p

Guess who's this Pokemon... hihihihihi

Boys having fun on water

Silas in Action!!!
Wacky moments.. hihihihihi

While we're on the way to the snorkeling spot, we had some time to pose for a photo shoot... :p

"The Seductive"

"The Couple"

"The Models"


Patty and Ef

Guys having fun

Jandi and Jem

Yuki posing.. :)

After a long and tiring activity, we decided to hang out on the beach before we leave back to Manila.

Buried under the sand

Damn.. It looks like a giant ____!!!! hahahahaha

At the boat, going back to white beach

"The Goddesses"

Buried Alive

Savoring the moment...


Deadly Fall


Seatmates Part 2"

"Ebony and Ivory" :p

cool dudes

Wacky Dudes"

Survivor: Kilo


Sole Survivor

Tin's moment

Patty's moment

Whattcha lookin there?

Agat's moment

The Pose

Posing at the rocks


The Models

Boys of Kilo being washed away

Playing along the rocks

Captivating Moment

Where's Silas?

White Waters

Emo? :p
I do had a blast with all of you guys... See you at the next outing... :D