Sunday, March 27, 2011

Enchanted Kingdom

After long hours at DFA, I couldn't make it at the office even at halfday. So I just went at McDonald's to have some snack before going home.

By the time I'm about to finish munching my food, I receive a message on my phone. It's one of my friends, asking if where I am. I told her that I am near Rob Gale munching some snacks. She is looking for me for a getaway to Enchanted Kingdom. Since I haven't been there, I immediately went to RBC to meet them.

We immediately rode the jeepney going to Edsa Central. At Starmall, we meet up with Emodem (RodemP) who was waiting for us. After all is set, we quickly aboard the van going to Sta. Rosa. Madaf*ck, it's fo freaking hot inside the van. I, Jay and Patty wa're seated at the back of the vehicle. The air conditioning system of the van is very poor. We even open the window at the back to grasp some polluted air rather than being cooked alive!!! Wahahahaha!!!  :p

After more than an hour of travel, we arrived at the entrance of the most famous Theme Park....

(From left to right: Noreen, MJ, George, Airon, Patty, Rodem, Gelo and of course.. the organizer Tin... ahahaha)

We're about to experience the magic... woot!!!!

Airon and I poses for a picture with the Enchanted Wizard... :p

Group Picture before entering the realm of EK.. hahahahaha

Price list and Schedule

Green Arrow!!!!

Ticket Pass

At Last... I'm officially inside the Kingdom.. hahahahaha

 This is the first ride that we're gonna try.. (I forgot the name due to excitement.. hehehe)

The ladies we're waiting for their turn to aboard the ride..

Gelo, Patty, Dem, Ron and Khristine before the ride starts..

George setting up his iTouch to capture the moments.. ahahaha

Tin's excitement.. hehehe
1950's style

A walk in the boulevard.. hehe

Old skul office setup.

Airplane ride for kids..

Triceratops looking at me.

The lovely ladies having their pictures taken.

Patty Pouty.. ahahaha

                                                                  Gelo and MJ.

Emodem buying our snacks..

Obstacle course?

The "BALLS" shattering ride EKstreme

A group of so-called BRAVE guys tries the EKstreme.. Their soul was left hanging in the air after the ride.. hahaha

The start of their fear!!! hahaha

The beautiful ladies with airon while waiting to aboard the mini roller coaster.

Noreen with Rodem aboard the mini roller coaster.

So cute..

MJ, Tin, Noreen, Ron and Dem on the way to Anchor's Away..

The Poise before the Fear!!! wahahaha

Patty and Rodem before the ride starts...

On our way to the next ride..


The curse of the Red Car...

Old skul Motel.. ahahaha

Next stop.. Space Shuttle!!! woot!!!!

The Pepsi Max trademark of Space Shuttle...

Entrance to Space Shuttle.

Picture time.. :)

Jungle Log Jam (via Nokia X3-02)

All of us we're damn wet after the ride.. hahaha

On our way to EKstreme.. wweeeeeeeee!!!

Moments away before the ride of my life.. wahahahaha

                                                          The Last Ride... Wheel of Fate

                                                             Entrance to Wheel of Fate

View from Wheel of Fate while it's spinning..

Patty and Airon


Patty checking her phone.

Final group picture before we leave the Kingdom.

                                                                  Time to go home....

But before we go home, we had dinner at Jollibee Sta. Rosa. After eating, we rode the bus going back to Ortigas.

I had a great time with all of you guys. You made me experience some things that are priceless, to be happy amidst the troubles that I encounter everyday.